Friday, February 7, 2014

Yet another extremist threatens my life

An apparent Islamic fundamentalist has asked people if they want me dead using Yahoo Answers as the forum. The user known as aahz22271 asks:
Have you ever wanted to abort Alexander Cornswalled?
I think that Alexander Cornswalled should be aborted. The problem is that he is over 100 trimesters and there may be legal issues in aborting him at this stage in his life. Do you think that changing the laws to accomodate the flushing of this stinkpickle to the great septic tank in the sky would be beneficial to the environment as well as the housing market?

Additional Details
Cornswalled is a douche who runs a right-wing conservative "Christian" website that attacks people based upon their beliefs. He's ugly, despicable and just a complete waste of good real estate.

And he fists baby seals. Jigooo.

I replied to this "question" with the following:
Why not say what you mean.

You're advocating my murder because you disagree with my conservative views.

It's psychotic death obsessed psychopaths like you that show just how sick and twisted your kind are. I had to do some digging to find out what you meant by "Jigooo" and found it's a battle cry for Islamic Fundamentalists. While I'm not surprised a terrorist is threatening my life, I'm surprised you were foolish enough to do so in such a public forum. Adding an extra "o" won't keep people form finding out you're using an old anti-Jewish slur as your "greeting."

Take a look at definition 4 Jew hater:

In case the page is edited, the definition is:

A racist slang term used to accuse a person of having Jewish ancestry or sexual relations with a Jewish person. The phrase was first coined by the KKK as "Jew Goo" in the 1940's. It was a reference to Jewish seamen. Over time it was shortened to "Jigoo."

The word is often used alone or in place of a greeting word such as "hello." Depending on context it either means "You're a Jew in disguise" or "Your mother was raped by a Jew" or "You sleep with a Jew."

In white supremacist circles a woman dating a Jewish man will simply be called a Jigoo to imply she's nothing more than a receptacle for Jewish seamen.
"My sister Janet? We kicked her out of the house. She's a Jigoo."


Anonymous said...

lol!!!! Are you kidding me!?!?! Really Corny!?!? Urban Dictionary? If that's your proof, well I mean, it must be infallible *sarcasm*

Anonymous said...

Jiggo comes from a Porn Tim played Audio from where a man gets his head smacked into by the thighs of a fat chick, he makes that noise as she hits him. Damn your retarded.

Steven said...

OK - I'll bite, just how come you have no activity on answers for nine months then JUST as someone puts a question on regarding yourself (one that I would disagree with myself, you're far too entertaining) you have a flurry of activity?

Strangely co-incidental… aahz22271 wouldn't be one of your side personalities would it?

And you go on to not answer questions like: "How do i make my but bigger.?" and "Is toilet water on the antique list now?"!?!

Oh yeah - and isn't there some pretty important stuff in the bible about not lying? You KNOW you're not telling the 'truth' about Jigoo, you're representing it how you want people to see it, but of course the only people reading your blog are those who know the true meaning. You certainly have a strange take on morality there Sandy.

delete said...

lol, we don't want you dead Cornsey. Without you, who would we laugh at? You're the most entertaining religious nutjob I know. More entertaining than the Westboro baptist church.

Oh, and your made up definition of Jigoo is off. Way way off.

The word (if it can be called a word) actually came from a porn movie. Some guy who loves getting his head crushed between fat womens thighs was gasping for air and made the sound "Jigoo".

It was very funny and the sound caught on with the DV freaks. Eventually being adopted as the DV greeting.

See? Truth isn't that hard, is it Cornsey?

Sean McCartin said...

"You're advocating my murder because you disagree with my conservative views."

He's the only one.

As for the other topic on this article, no comment. I'd rather have not wandered upon this article.