Friday, February 7, 2014

Obama Ushers in a Republican Comeback

The Washington Post has the strange story of how Obama has managed to reverse most of the Republican losses of the last decade.

A Republican Comeback?

By Dan Balz
Are Republicans at a low ebb or making a comeback?

The question is prompted by the new release from the Gallup organization, which showed that the gap in party identification is now the smallest it has been since 2005. Democrats are still in the lead, but not by the double-digit margins they often enjoyed the past two years.
The whole mess hinges on independents and which party they identify with. As Obama's administration has worn on, stumbling from one failure to the next, more and more independents are leaning towards the Republicans instead of the Democrats. Democrats have, of course, tried to spin the hemorrhaging of support:
Democratic Mark Mellman said the narrowing gap is not unexpected, given some decline in Obama's popularity and the state of the economy. "One would expect the Democratic advantage to be down from its recent highs," he said in a message.
The article wraps up with this:
Gallup focused on the same attitudes. According to the organization's analysis, "Gallup has found that independents are more likely to oppose health care reform and to express concerns about increased government spending and the expansion of government power. Thus, the drop in Democratic support is partly a response to concerns about the policies Obama and the Democrats are pursuing."
The Republicans are still in trouble and more evidence is needed to draw real conclusions about the balance of power between the two parties. But if Obama's policies are causing independents, who were critical to Democratic successes in 2006 and 2008, to look more favorably toward the Republican Party, that should be cause for concern at Democratic Party headquarters.
Its pretty clear that Obama is going to be a one term president and that the mid-term elections are going to see him facing off against a Republican majority in both the house and the senate. Our nation's check and balances will neutralize him in short order, giving him a full two years as a lame duck president. We many not get the chance to impeach him for his Kenyan birth, but we can keep him from doing more harm.


Ryuutakeshi said...

You want to impeach Obama for being born in Kenya (he wasn't)?

Wow, the Christians must love having you at parties. Racist pig.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Bush in 2000, and WAS a christian.
The Whacko religious right that runs on the pain suffering and Criss that their own party creates, turned me off so deeply that i left christianity, and in fact will NEVER vote republican again. Three other members of my family, including one who is a life long republican, feel the same.
If anyone should have been impeached, it was Bush/cheney for treason.

Bush engineered (with CEO of Goldman Sachs PAULSON) the whoe real estate fiasco.

The religious fruitbats have destroyed the republican party..

Sean McCartin said...

"We many not get the chance to impeach him for his Kenyan birth..."

Well, that's another adjective to be used to describe you (and the first time I've ever had to defend Obama! What is the world coming too?): Racist.

You're a xenophobic, ultraconservative, fundamentalist racist who stops at nothing to do nothing but tarnish the good name of Christianity. God save your soul.