Friday, February 7, 2014

Limbaugh and the Fox

A friend recently sent me a link to the video below. It starts off with a political commercial starring Michael J Fox. In it, he argues that diseases like Parkinson's, of which he is an alleged victim, justifies the murder and mutilation necessary for Stem cell research.

The commercial is disturbing to watch, because you can see him jerking and moving around, apparently unable to control his actions. Despite the abhorrent practices he's advocating, you can't help but feel empathy for someone suffering from such a disease.

The video below goes on, and you hear the audio from an episode of the Rush Limbaugh show, in which Rush points out a single and simple fact.

Fox has been known to go off his medication when appearing in political situations in order to highlight the impact of his disease. Other people have seen him this bad, when he goes off his medication.

What motivates someone to stop taking life saving medication in order to make a political point?!?!?

Once and actor, always and actor I guess.

Fox has responded to Limbaugh's accusations.

Look at this press conference. You can clearly see Fox isn't shaking anywhere NEAR as badly as he was in the ad.

But video evidence that he was faking or off his meds for the ad would be politically incorrect, so it won't be acknowledged by most of the Mainstream Media


Anonymous said...

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