Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting an abortion? Prepare to get raped

The amoral, even evil nature of abortionists has never really been a debatable topic. The wanton murder of innocent children, like Herod trying to kill the infant Christ, is about as evil as you can get without being one of Hell's minions. What's new is the revelation that it may not be uncommon for women to be sexually abused or even raped while sedated for the procedure. Dying as the result of an abortion isn't uncommon, but being raped on the table?

Dr Narendra Sharma is accused of assaulting at least three women during the course of their abortions. He took their hands and used them to perform lewd acts on his own genitals during the operation that killed their unborn children. One nurse who witnessed an attack actually waited until he'd attacked two more women before reporting it to authorities. The lax, even casual attitude displayed by the nurse implies that this may not have been an usual event.

The investigation is rife with accusations that the accused rapist was in fact the subject of a bullying tactic by the nurses reporting him. It's revealing that the nurses left the sexual assaults unreported until the doctor became unpopular with the staff for other reasons.

How wide spread is this practice? How many other doctors do this regularly? The nurses only reported three assaults, and answered some uncomfortable questions about why they delayed in reporting those three. How many others were never reported because the nurses couldn't think of a good excuse for keeping them under wraps?


Anonymous said...

Do, do you have any idea how many Dentists get charged with rape? It has NOTHING to do with the profession, it's THE PERSON.

Another FUN FACT, an Abortion is a MEDICAL PROCEDURE, NOT a profession. A doctor that does abortions ALSO does things like surgical procedures. i.e. Heart surgery, knee surgery and so on. They also preform medical things like Diagnosis and so on.

So you can shove your argument up your pro-fetuses ass and fuck off back to fundiland you uneducated fuck.

dave said...

A child could say the same thing about church. At least this guy is likely to go to jail and at the least, his reputation will be ruined. The Catholic church simply relocated priests accused of doing this type of thing while the children were fully awake.

Also, 0.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions IS uncommon. The problem arises when you try to make the procedure illegal. Since it is a legal procedure, it can be done in a sanitary facility, by law-abiding doctors that have a medical reputation to uphold. When it is illegal, you have no choice but to use a "doctor" that is operating in the black market. By doing the abortion, he is already breaking the law. Whats a rape charge when you are already breaking the law? And how likely is the woman to go to the cops and say, "That man raped me while I was getting an illegal abortion!"

So Dr. Narendra made nearly unconscious women touch his penis. Did they have any idea that he did it? Were they aware at the time of what he was doing? Did he even pull it out, or did he make them touch it through the fabric of his pants? Not to defend him, as he should be punished in some way for what he did (assuming that the nurses aren't just making it up), but that seems like it would be a cake walk compared to what a black market abortion would lead to.

Carolyn said...

SWEET! Cause the only thing I love more than abortions is rape. Then I can have more abortions. YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

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Steven said...

Time to dust off the old Pear of Anguish huh? While I have strong opinions on the suitable punishment for anyone who commits sexual assault, it's always better if you can recognise a crime for what it is - not what you fantasize it is. This was NOT rape and of course you merely jumped on it because it's a profession you disapprove of. How about this as your next headline?

Going to church? Prepare to get raped

or how about:

Going to church? Prepare to get raped

Hey you could try:

Going to church? Prepare to get raped

I know!

Going to church? Prepare to get raped

Lets mix it up a bit, shall we?

Going to church? Prepare to get raped

This blogging about things you despise and adding the term "Prepare to get raped" after it is a right lark!

Going to church? Prepare to get raped

and the list goes on and on and on and on…

Anonymous said...

uhmmmm well in my opinion, those women deserved it. so what if the doctor made them play with his balls for a little bit?they are killing an innocent child! this deserves some kind of punishment! there is always an alternative to abortion! its called adoption! but seriously people. i say that each would be mother who gets an abortion deserves a dick in the ear. thanks for killing babies now twiddle those balls...