Friday, February 7, 2014

"Crowds were bathing until late into the night."

Millions of Hindus take holy bath

"The planetary alignment is such that sun rays, when they fall on the Ganges, turn the river water into nectar. So bathing here today is equivalent to drinking nectar," he says.

Next year, try adding some soap.

And call a Dentist while you're at it.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? They're going to Hell anyway. Let them have their illusions in this life.

interrobang said...

you're assholes. really. Not everyone is a WASP from America.

Anonymous said...


It's funny because many of them are so poor that they can't afford many of the comforts of life!

Oh, Cornsy, you're a laugh-riot!

O Cabrito Politico said...

We are 8 billions genes at Earth and trillions in the Universe building the conscious baby which reproduces who or what produced this Universe. These people are our brothers and each one has a unique and specific information/mission, in the way that if one does not accomplish it, all of us, that will be the final baby, will be handicapped. They are minds being prejudiced,non-active genes due lots of problems and primitivism.

Every infant human are born with magical thinking, because they does not understand anything about the things surrounding them, so, they play with objects, they talk with imaginary ghost friends ( their gods). Humanity is infant yet, the whole acts like its individuals. But those that falls in the cycle of misery takes more time for getting maturation. We need help them going out of this cycle.

One method is discovering and proving scientifically the natural phenomena that debunks their mythos. That's what we are doing at Matrix/DNA world view. But them, we are discovering that the Western mindset is not different, it is under another myth. A little less "magical", but still magical.

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