Friday, February 7, 2014

A warning making the rounds

The following warning has been circulating among the students here, as well as among parishioners at the church back home. It's a sad commentary on how powerful misinformation on the Internet has become.

READ THIS!!! its a TRUE story. it may save you YEARS of heartbreak.

Sam got off of work late one night and didn't clock out until 10 pm. He was driving down an empty road at night when he saw a car approaching him without its headlights off. He remembered reading an email about how gangs would do this to trick people into stopping and killing them. he immediately became SCARED. When the other car stopped and the driver stumbled out, he slammed on the gas to get out of there as fast as he could, but because he was so AFRAID, he hit the man and crashed into a telephone pole.

1 year later, Sam is in court. The judge sends him to jail for MANSLAGHTER and charges huim for the telephone poll. It turns out the email he got warning about gangs was a HOAX. It turns out the man was drunk, but instead of the drunk going to jail, Sam was going to jail for killing him.

So don't believe anything u reed in email! It might be you next time1!



Anonymous said...

I love the bitter sweet irony of this retarded post you made corny.

Anonymous said...

Only idiots like you Cornswalled believe everything your read because it's on the internet.

delete said...

lol because everything that makes its rounds on the internet must be true. The internet said so.

Seriously, what kind of moron believes this stuff? This sort of garbage is everywhere on the internet. For example: this entire blog.

None of it is true but there are some naive nutjobs who do believe this junk. I pity these people who take this blog as "truth" and try to apply it to the real world.