Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Open letter to Paypal about Regretsy

Paypal recently caved on efforts by the web site "regretsy" to force them to violate their terms of service to allow regretsy operate as a charity when it wasn't one. This is the letter I sent them after they posted their simpering apology to regretsy.

I'm disgusted that you caved on this issue. You let the bullies at Fark stop Paypal from taking a real stand on the commercialization of Christmas. The Regretsy "charity" was advocating the crass commercialization of Christmas, making the holiday about physical gifts and the mystical "Santa Claus" instead of the birth of Christ. By enabling this disgusting behavior you have helped dilute the meaning of Christmas.
I'm not surprised that a man with an Islamic name like Anuj Nayar is doing his best to help dilute the meaning of Christmas.


Matthew Miller said...

Did you just side with a company that tried to prevent poor kids from getting Christmas presents?!?

Anonymous said...

Shut your stupid fucking mouth closed and keep it that way, you fucking ignorant taint licking pig-eyed sack of shit.

Lots of love, Jesus.

P.S. you are a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Anuj Nayar sounds more Indian than Muslim. If you're gonna be racist, Cornswalled, at least get your ethnicities straight.