Monday, November 14, 2011

Ray Comfort on Andy Rooney

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It was a sad day for America when Andy Rooney died.  CBS News announced recently that the 92 year-old cranky commentator died after complications following minor surgery.

Rooney appeared on “60 Minutes” for many years, mostly giving comments about every day annoyances.  For example, he thought that dogs were nicer than people.  I can see his point of view, because he worked in the cut-throat entertainment industry.  But I know some really nice people, and some really nasty dogs who would eat you alive, if they had half a chance.   

I learned two things from Andy Rooney.  One was to always rip out eyebrows that get too long.  I learned not to let the garden go to weed.  He didn’t bother doing any trimming, and in time almost disappeared behind two white tumble-weeds. 

But the greatest lesson I learned from this TV commentator, was his cynicism about the existence of God.  Mr. Rooney wasn’t open-minded about the most obvious of truths.  He didn’t believe that God existed. 

Now he knows.

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Cornswalled Is A Moron said...

How can he know god exists if he's dead? How can he know anything? He's dead.

Oh wait - you believe in a sky daddy who only concerns himself with this little planet in the vastness of space.

Uh huh. No wonder Andy was a cynic. If you're an example of the followers of this religion, then it truly is worthless and a waste of time.