Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kayvan Sabeghi gets what traitors deserve

This "Vetrans against the war" group is a socialist front. The members are a bunch of traitors who are desperate to undo the work the USA has done in the Middle East. Every one of them deserves to be stripped of their rank and benefits and jailed for sedition. I'm glad another one of these monsters has been hospitalized. I for one will be writing the Oakland police to congratulate them on their firm handling of the pottests, despite the pathetic hand-wringing of the cowardly mayor.


envirogrunt said...

You are the traitor, these vets fought for peoples rights and freedoms, not corporate interests, billionaire bankers and the status quo, which is apparently what you stand for, fascist scumbag

Alexander Cornswalled said...

The "Vets Agains the War" have betrayed everything they fought for and everything their brothers in arms died to protect.

The first vet hospitalized in all of this was a drug user who was actively interfering with Marine recruitment. These people are not heroes anymore. They rejected that title when they turned against us and joined the anarchists at #OWS trying to start a new depression.

Steven said...

Lets get this straight here. You believe a suitable punishment for expressing an opinion that differs from yours is to be beaten to the point where the offending parties internal organs are ruptured, incarcerated and denied medical attention. Are you REALLY saying that? Cause that's fucked up even for you Sandy.

Morgan said...

What is your military record Ally? Let us know. Or are you just a pogue?

Morgan said...

So that's a "No, I never served, and haven't got any idea what veterans have been through."

Alexander Cornswalled said...


I don't need a military record to recognize a traitor when I see one. Your claim that only a military man can criticize the military smacks more of communism than democracy. The first amendment trumps your knee-jerk need to defend communists.

The first traitor injured ran an entire web site about how he hates the military and was actively campaigning to hinder Marine recruitment. He was also a proud drug user and suspected drug dealer.

Steven said...

Jesus H Fucking Christ Sandy - do you even KNOW anyone who's been in the army? Have you got ANY fucking idea what it does to a person - to live minute to minute with the idea that you might not be around long enough to feel your current breath exhale? To know that every 'friendly civilian' you've just spoken to at a checkpoint might just be calling in your transport as a target? That the next bump on the road might be an IED? To be dependent on equipment that's maintained by someone who's exhausted, underfunded and undertrained. To know that pulling that trigger comes with a 50/50 chance of you being a hero or a convict.

No you fucking do not.

So yeah - you go and call people who do that for a living and turn their backs on it traitors, just like all the victims of drumheads were, those who are now realised as the true heros of conflicts forced upon them throughout the bloodier parts of history. You want to live with that and love it? Then you're a sick, sick person. You try seeing the internal organs of your friends rolled into the sand by a set of NDTs and tell me you don't need drugs to get out of bed.

You've not seen or felt pain, you've never experienced fear, you've never smelt skin burn or had your joints dislocated by recoil, pissed yourself rather than reveal your position, you have done nothing with your life except spread misery and lies and expect to be applauded for it.

Well here you go - clap, clap fucking clap, you diseased fucking monster.

Alexander Cornswalled said...


He is dishonoring all those who have lived the life you describe by siding with the very political factions who seek to destroy the nation.

He wants to erase YOUR sacrifice and make it null and void.

Steven said...

No - no he is not.

I'm going to tell you a little story here. Muharraq Bahrain, bunch of guys from the RAF and US Marines used to blow off steam with a little game. They'd hire a prostitute - usually a Thai girl - get her to lie on the bar and take turns shitting on her face in an attempt to land it in her mouth.

One jolly jape that used to occur involved the consumption of large quantities of laxative topped up with a diet of dates.

Tell me this? The people that you want fighting your wars for you. The people you want to call heroes - do you want them to be the sort of people who defecate liquid feces onto teenage girls? Because that's the sort of people who love that shit and stick with it.

The ones who can't, the ones who break, can't cope and would rather turn their blood to poison to erase the images that reside in their mind.

THEY are your heroes, the people who know hell when they see it and try to close their eyes against it - except you can't stop seeing it because it's there in your head all the time.

He honors every misguided soul who thought they could make a difference by sewing a badge on a uniform and cleaning a gun.

Steven said...

here's a little news story for you Sandy, little bit of paraphrasing first:

As US forces surged into Iraq in 2003, Chris Kyle was handed a sniper rifle and told to watch as his marine battalion entered an Iraqi town.

"You're running everything through your mind. This is a woman, first of all. Second of all, am I clear to do this, is this right, is it justified? And after I do this, am I going to be fried back home? Are the lawyers going to come after me saying, 'You killed a woman, you're going to prison'?"

Steven said...

You see - exactly what I said earlier, a kid's given a gun and his first job is to shoot a woman carrying a child. Now tell me that's not going to mess you up.