Monday, October 17, 2011

Rush Limbaugh and the LRA

Barry Soetoro, better known by the false identity "Barack Hussein Obama" has ordered US troop into Uganda, making this the SECOND war he's started without congressional approval.

What has he sent troops to do? As Rush Limbaugh points out, Obama sent troops to Uganda to kill Christians. Let that sink in for a moment. The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is a rebel group of overt Christian faith fighting to restore democratic elections in a nation ruled by a Muslim dictatorship. The liberal press has of course gone crazy trying to defend Obama from Limbaugh's revelations. They quote reports from UN financed, humanist, atheistic and even communist organizations accusing the LRA of all sorts of atrocities. The Devil, as they say, is in the details. For example, there are many cases of LRA fighters killing their opponents with machetes and spears.  Sounds brutal right? That's before you learn that the enemies they were fighting were using AK-47s and shot first. The UN affiliated watchdog groups (Yeah, you can trust them) go on to talk about all the dead children at the scenes of battles like this, never bringing up the fact that the children were shot to death, despite the LRA having defended themselves in the fight with primitive weapons.

The liberal media talks about the LRA being a "child fighting force" neglecting to mention that these children were orphaned by the Ugandan government, turning to the LRA for help and aid. A Muslim theocracy is trampling Christian families, and the refugees have banded together to fight against the US financed military with spears.

Limbaugh is right about Obama and his goal in Uganda. I can only hope Rush is not mislead the by vast left wing propaganda machine into accenting the lies being spread about the LRA. They've been working hard to smear these Christians, accusing them of witchcraft, pedophilia and cross-dressing, desperate to make them the scapegoats for casualties from Ugandan military acts.

Don't fall for it.


Raven Rant said...

The LRA is a terrorist organization that forces children to murder their parents, then holds them as slaves. The boys become soldiers or porters, and the girls are used as sex slaves.

Most of the LRA's victims have been Christians or those who follow indigenous religions.

The president of Uganda is a self-described born again Christian.

The country of Uganda is predominantly Christian, only 16% Muslim.

Your post is 100% fact free. That takes a special talent.

Peter Cornswalled said...

No, his research is free of liberal bias. The "information" you just parroted was put together by the slanderous UN, well known to have an anti-Christian agenda so extensive that some Christians have accused the UN of being the secular "prophet" predicted to herald the coming of the Antichrist.

The LRA is a Christian revolutionary organization fighting against an Islamic government. As for the extremist Muslim president of Uganda CLAIMING to be Christian, American citizens are all too familiar with Muslims claiming to be Christian to curry political favor. Barry taught us all about that gambit.

Anonymous said...

Dittos to Rush. We should be sending troops to SUPPORT the LRA in their fight against Islam.

John said...

I have personally worked on this issue with the LRA for over two years. Your post is offensive to tens of thousands who have been abducted, raped, and killed by the LRA, as well as the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced.

I have been to Uganda. I have lived with people who were orphaned by LRA actions. And let me tell you one thing: you are wrong about the LRA.

John said...

And for good measure - An appeal to Mr. Limbaugh from a victim of the LRA. -

Peter Cornswalled said...

What evidence do you have that woman was attacked by the LRA and not harmed by one of the bombs the totalitarian, Muslim backed, Ugandan or Sudanese governments set off?

How do you know she's even FROM Africa?

A video from a disfigured woman is emotional, true, but if she's lying or mislead about the facts it's of no value in determining the RIGHT path for the United States.

Matthew Miller said...


You are, and have always been, an ass of the first water.

John Beaton said...

You asked for evidence? Here you go:

You asked:

"What evidence do you have that woman was attacked by the LRA and not harmed by one of the bombs the totalitarian, Muslim backed, Ugandan or Sudanese governments set off?

How do you know she's even FROM Africa?"

1) Uganda is not Muslim backed, it is actually Christian. That country is more Christian than the United States with around 90% of the population being Christian. Uganda is actually actively combating al-Shabaab in Somalia. Al-Shabaab is a islamic extremist terrorist group.

2) Bombs don't cut off lips, the LRA does.

3) Her accent is a spot on Ugandan accent.

4) I am through with wasting my time on someone who is too blinded by anger and pride to see facts presented in front of his face. If you have legitimate questions about the LRA and the conflict, you can contact me on my Twitter account.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance is absolutely astounding. Would you mind sighting even a single source of information, other than "some Christians believe". If you are a Christian, as you say you are, and you knew for whom you were advocating, you would make yourself as sick as your statements must surely make your benevolent creator.

Before you write again, how about doing some research?

Truly shameful.

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not bear false witness. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

"wasting my time on someone who is too blinded by anger and pride to see facts presented in front of his face."

It sounds like Alex and Limbaugh are a match made in heaven. We all know about Rush and his need for Viagra on an all boy's fishing trip. He might find Alex right up his alley.

Anonymous said...

Peter you have Nare O IDEA what you talking our comments are ofensive and as some one eeelse said FACTLESS. Uganda is a Christian nation with little Muslim influence. The president claims to be a Christian. I suspect you like Limbaugh have never been any where in Africa. Clearly you have not researche ild the issues. I have worked with aducted child soldiers.. LEARN the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any sources other than Rush Limbaugh upon which you based your opinion? Please share them with us.

Morgan said...

When are you going to provide those sources Alex? We're waiting.

A scripture referring to you - 2 Tim 3:13

"While evil men and imposters will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived"

Anonymous said...

So, Alexander, GOP congresspeople, notoriously averse to facts, have come out against Limbaugh's outrageous and fact free statements, and Limbaugh himself has tried to walk back from them. Do you think you might owe an apology for advocating for such an inhumane terrorist group?

Also, I'm curious, does the general tenor and content of Limbaugh's message remind you of the message of the Christ you proclaim as your savior? The words of Jesus in my Bible are not filled with the hate and bile that Limbaugh spews on a daily basis. Just wondering what version of the Bible you read.

Alexander Cornswalled said...

"GOP congresspeople, notoriously averse to facts, have come out against Limbaugh's ... statements"

Exactly. People known for being misinformed have joined in on the MSM bashing of Rush.

"Limbaugh himself has tried to walk back from them."

No, he hasn't, he mocked the R.I.N.O. who criticized him on the Senate floor. Try doing some research instead of spouting whatever nonsense you think will help you.

"Do you think you might owe an apology for advocating for such an inhumane terrorist group?"

No, because they aren't an inhumane, terrorist group. they're Christians fighting against Muslim dictators.

"Just wondering what version of the Bible you read."

The KJV, thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

Why do you refuse to cite the information that you have that runs contrary to every academic, human rights and media organization who has done work on the ground there? I have been following this story for years. I am curious as to this information that has eluded me.

Please help a fellow scholar.

Anonymous said...

Hey right wing arsehole, if the LRA is so great why not go over and join them?

I would be estatic at the chance to shoot you f*cking terrorist lovers in the head :)

James Hafler said...

Please everyone - don't give this fool any attention, he's quite clearly a liberal painting Conservative Republicans to be raving lunatics, just a quick read through this site shows that he's merely here to provoke through saying idiotic things and making us look bad.

Morgan said...

You still haven't produced any evidence that the LRA are christian revolutionaries Alex. If you're just going to say whatever Rush says, then you are a sycophant.

clay said...

still waiting for a link to any evidence whatsoever that the general mainstream understanding of the Ugandan government and the LRA is a falsehood spread by the UN. Information corroborated in these comments by an eyewitness. You must have gotten this information from somewhere, please share it with us.

Anonymous said...

Yet again — proof that Alexander and his flunky Peter are more akin to a comedy duo than anyone with a political, religious or moral standpoint.

They're like drunken thugs at a football match shouting from the sidelines that the referee is blind and the nigger would serve his team better cleaning the ball than trying to kick it into a goal.

LIke all bullies though — when brought to book on their actions, they have no response but to shrug their shoulders and move on to find an even weaker victim.

The fact that at this point they have resorting to siding with terrorists and rapists is profoundly disturbing and a fair sign that they do need to be sectioned for their own well being as well as that of those around them.

Matt said...

James -- "No True Scotsman" fallacy. It must be nice to be able to tell yourself that disagreeable individuals on your side of the aisle are really just liberal plants. After all, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia -- all those signs denouncing Eurasia must have been planted there by that villainous Emmanuel Goldstein!

Peter/Alexander -- I imagine it's pretty convenient to live in your own little world where your views are, in effect, infallible because any inconvenient evidence with which you are confronted can simply be dismissed as "liberal bias." You're really not at all different from the party-line members of the Communist Party back in the Soviet Union. Faced with inconvenient facts, the retort was always that such was the result of "capitalist propaganda." There is an established term for individuals who think in this manner: "Useful idiots." They exist among both the left and the right.

Your beliefs are different but your thought processes are exactly the same. The rest of us have to deal with "reality" along with all the little inconvenient facts doing so usually confronts us with.

Peter Cornswalled said...

All Alex and I have done is point out that the UN sources are unreliable and UN backed organizations are also suspect.

I have yet to see a SINGLE non-UN source that accuses the LRA of atrocities. Why are the people supporting the UN stance unable to provide sources that are not UN related? Where is the evidence not tainted by UN bias?

Raven Rant said...

"All Alex and I have done is point out that the UN sources are unreliable and UN backed organizations are also suspect."

No, what you have done is give a show of support for rapists, murderers and enslavers of children for the purposes of weaponry.

Durin said...

The LRA is active in Congo, and has attacked Xians there. I am friends with several Congolese Xians who have relayed information to me on the LRA and the evil that they have done. (I work w/ Congolese Xians to help spread the gospel in the area.)

If you are not willing to believe me, go to another source and search the Samaritan's Purse website and see what they say about them.

Peter Cornswalled said...

I've done a lot of research on the LRA. All of the critical sites I've found were connected to the UN in one way or another. The UN is doing what they're best at, lying about people who don't help them with their humanist agenda. I will not believe any of the critical reports until they start coming from sources that are not connected to the UN.

Durin said...

Ok, I’ll set aside the implication that Samaritan’s Purse is part of a humanist agenda when they publically say

“No matter where we go or what we do, we offer more than help. We offer hope. To suffering people in a broken world, we share the news of the only One who can bring true peace—Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.”

and ask “Would you like to know how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” supplying links with the answer.

(I brought them up b/c they have helped refugees fleeing from the LRA in Congo, but that does not apparently suffice for you.)

Let me draw your attention back to the first paragraph in my previous post. I gave testimony to what other Xians in Congo have relayed to me about the activities of the LRA in Congo. This is not thru the UN but thru Congolese friends that actually live in the region where the LRA is attacking villages. Over the past several years many refugees from surrounding villages have fled from the LRA to their village, and at times people in their own village have been attacked.

I am beginning to wonder - if you are so skeptical and quick to reject the testimony of Xians on an earthly matter of war and violence whether you really believed the testimony of Xians on weightier matters of salvation and the Resurrection of Christ.

Durin said...

I am not trying to be harsh, but my Congolese friends are literally risking being kidnapped or murdered by the LRA as they serve the cause of Christ in northeast Congo.

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