Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barry vs Cain

Herman Cain will never win over Liberal or moderate voters because he has too strong a personality for them. Notice the eunuch they voted for the last time? Barry is about as meek and submissive as they come, making only token show of having a spine. He's a submissive black  man, the only kind Liberals like. Cain on the other hand is decisive, successful and a proven leader, all things that terrify liberals because it means he might do what's right instead of what the party tells him to do. Liberals will only vote for a black man who they could meet in a bar and call "boy" without getting punched in the face.


Morgan said...

Reason and Logic will never win over Alexander Cornswalled or Rush Limbaugh because that's too much to stomach. Notice the lack of honesty in the last post? Alex is about as cowardly and dittohead as they come, making only a token show of having brains. He's a submissive conservative man (maybe a man), the only kind Rush likes. Everyone else on the other hand is decisive, successful and a proven patriot, all things that terrify dishonest bigots like Alex because it means they will have to do what's right instead of what Rush tells them to do. Alex will even disguise his voice to avoid getting punched in the face by logic.

Where are those sources Alex? We're still waiting.

Anonymous said...

@Morgan — just take a moment to look through this site and the posts that have rambled on for years. Alexander is deeply mired in delusion and has been for some quite some time.

Even when the evidence is clear that the information he has presented as fact is completely incorrect — and in some cases where he has reported what were articles from comedy websites as fact — he refuses to acknowledge that he is incorrect.

In short Alexander is a classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and associated subtypes. There are a number of additional symptoms exhibited that point to other forms of mental illness, Ganser syndrome and Schizotypal personality disorder for certain.

By engaging in his delusions we are only furthering the severity of his condition — I can only ask that should anyone know the "real" Alexander Cornswalled they do the best he can to to find him the help he needs.

Peter Cornswalled said...

Calling Christianity a mental disorder take a lot of hubris. It tells us a lot about what you UN worshiping NWO flunkies really want to do to everyone who disagrees with you.

So, are you in the camp that wants to lobotomize Christians, or do you just want to execute us?

Alex is in the closet said...

Haha. Neither. But I want the Cornswalled family specifically, to shut the fuck up.

Cornswalled Is A Moron said...

Hey Peter - why not have a look at

You and Alexander have taken your delusions to a level which is frankly, quite frightening. I would suggest you seek counselling before you do harm to yourself and others.

Cornswalled Is A Moron said...

By the way Peter - your assumption that someone was talking about delusions and christianity is quite telling. None of the aforementioned posts (prior to yours) postulates that Alex has a mental condition because he believes in god. More that Alex deludes himself into believing everything he reads online.

Then again, you too are obviously related, ergo you both seem to have issues with comprehension. Is that a result of you being born from a tryst between your father and her sister?

Anonymous said...

@ Cornswalled Is A Moron — it's not that Alexander believes everything that he sees online, that's merely gullibility, it's his inability to admit to clearly presented facts that conflict with his own perceptions.

Imagine if you will a man insisting that he is holding a red ball which is clearly a blue box. It's not that he is lying about it, he truly believes that he has a red ball because he has a mental illness. Alexander has done this on many occasions, presented his representation of a fact because that's how he believes it to be. He does believe that Pokemon are the delegates of Satan, he does believe that he receives death threats and he does believe that the current President of the United States is a Kenyan Muslim — this despite all evidence to the contrary, and when taken to book on the subject (ask the man why is he describing the blue box as a red ball) gives a nonsensical or obtuse answer ("RABBITS!").

I've seen this process at work so often, though the symptoms are rarely exhibited publicly in this manner, and while that makes it easy to target and make fun of him, please keep in mind that Alexander is actually ill.

Cornswalled Is A Moron said...


Agreed. Wholeheartedly.

Peter Cornswalled said...

"the current President of the United States is a Kenyan Muslim — this despite all evidence to the contrary"

A few badly faked photoshops of birth certificates do not constitute evidence.

Anonymous said...

Peter — you make no excuses for the other things I mention, does that mean that you too believe your brother is unwell? That and the 101 other things that be has presented as truths, such as abortion factories and hospitals letting people die rather than turn the electricity back on during a Liberal backed energy saving campaign (both from comedy articles), that god targets MySQL databases, AIDS doesn't exist, vaccinations cause problems greater than those they solve, Harry Potter is the work of the Devil and god injures stuntmen as retribution, the liberals control the media… and other such drivel.

Also - let me correct you on something. One does not photoshop a document, you forge a document. Photoshopping is the act of manipulating an existing image to suit an alternative purpose. If in this case as you insist any images were 'badly faked' then I'm sure that there would be more interest in the case not only of someone faking their identity, but that person being a world leader.

I have to ask as nobody seems to have been interested in supplying an answer — "Why?". Why got to all that bother of picking an electoral candidate who they knew wasn't American and rewrite their history in order to put them in the Whitehouse?

I look forward to your typical non-sequitur response.

Alexander Cornswalled said...

"Why got to all that bother of picking an electoral candidate who they knew wasn't American and rewrite their history in order to put them in the Whitehouse?"

You'd have to ask them, but he's been a good little socialist for his masters. However mad the original plan sounds when you spell it out, they managed to place a compliant houseboy in the presidency and have been able to get whatever they wanted. The Tea Party lead midterm revolution has been the ONLY thing blocking rampant socialism in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal: every conspiracy theory throughout the ages has a reason. We never went to the moon - US had to beat Russia, even the preposterous reptoid hypothesis has some reasoning to back it up. The Armenian Genocide fraud, the Philadelphia Experiment, Area 51, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, contrails, the 27s, Zabriski point - all have some reasoning behind the paranoia.

But all the long term work, planning, deceit and outright fraud that had to take place in order to place an African into the presidency of the United States and all you can say is "You'd have to ask them"?

No - they're not the ones coming up with this garbage - you and your kind are, and you can't even provide any form of reason. Even if they did just want a complacent little nigger house boy are there so few and far between from the swollen ranks of Americas own naturalised enforced immigrants?

Of course not!

But that doesn't fit in with your deluded view of the world. You're a paranoid delusionist - and not even one that's high functioning enough to fully draw out the world you've made for yourself.

Jess said...

Well, I guess Cain wasn't the man you thought him to be. Turns out he's an adulterer many times over LOL. Guess you were wrong on that one like you have been on so many other issues. Cain is no longer running to become a Presidential candidate because he knows that people will believe nothing he says now. If you'd lie that much to your own wife and family, surely you wouldn't have a problem with lying to the American public. Both political parties aren't working for the people anymore. Somethings fishy and its getting hard to ignore the smell in politics these days.