Friday, September 9, 2011

Gibson of Hollywood, Judah the Hammer and Jesus of Nazareth

"Judah the Hammer is the perfect story to bring Jewish culture and Christianity together. He's an early crusader, a warrior for God. His life parallels the life of Christ so closely that by the time Jesus was born many Jews believed that Judah the Hammer had been the promised messiah. That belief has persisted to this day, with millions of Jews worldwide believing that Judah the Hammer had fulfilled the messianic prophesies in the Bible. It's a major obstacle to converting the Jews. Judah the Hammer will do a lot of the debunking himself, talking about how he CAN'T be the messiah because, for example, he wasn't born of a virgin mother. Judah the Hammer is a great hero and we're going to use his life to show how he foreshadowed the messiah, turn him into something of a preemptive John the Baptist."

- Mel Gibson on his Maccabean revolt movie

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Billy said...

Hey Man - why you getting my shit stoked up for this crap? I come in and you got some updates going on but you ain't got nothing to say, got to get your rant on man. You gonna do more podcasts or something?