Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deep Cover Liberal David Mabus (Dennis Markuze)

For ten years, Dennis Markuze has been issuing death threats to atheists, journalists, entertainers and scientists. The deranged, inarticulate and repetitive nature of these threats have long been attributed to a diseased mind. Despite a decade of death threats, the Montreal police, who have jurisdiction over this person, have taken NO action against him.


A closer look at this man reveals a perplexing blend of alleged Christian fundamentalism and a near worship of Nostradamus.

Despite repeated efforts to engage him in conversation and discussion he has never done anything but repeat the same template driven insanity. There has been no variation, no thought, no research. It's as if the writing of Dennis Markuze is a character, a facade, and a poorly executed one at that.

Why put up this facade? And why are the Montreal police, the police department for a very liberal area, so determined to ignore an alleged conservative who is out for liberal blood?

The answer is simple. My theory is that Dennis Markuze is not the deranged madman he pretends to be. If he really were as violent and bloodthirsty as he claims, why would he attend and atheist convention with a backpack capable of concealing a bomb and do nothing but run?

The answer is simple. David Mabus (Dennis Markuze) is a deep cover liberal whose goal is to mock conservatives and make us look like psychotic lunatics. I suspect the Montreal police are taking no action against him, not because they'd rather he snap and kill someone first, as they claim, but because they already KNOW he's an act. The only rational reason for the Montreal police to take no action against a man who has been issuing death threats for ten years is if they know he's a fake and are in on it.

David Mabus (Dennis Markuze) I challenge you to do the right thing and confess your fraud. You are a fake, an act, a pretender. You are a liar defaming good Christian men and women with your routine. You are a sloppy, humorless, incompetent version of Borat. Stop libeling and slandering real Christians with your act.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it. It's much more likely that he's mentally ill than that it's some sort of liberal ruse spanning nearly a decade (he started on Usenet). This definitely would not be the first time a police department did nothing in the face of verbal threats. What would they even charge him with? Harassment, maybe. I don't think there's really anything else they can do except keep a file.

And his views are a little bit of a grab-bag. Sure, he mentions The Lord in them, but he also mentions a lot of other crazy stuff that points to him just being plain old mentally ill. I really don't think people see him and think he's this way because he's a rabid Christian or something. Some people will cast hate where they want to, regardless of the facts, but when viewing the situation objectively, it's plain to see he's not some deranged Christian. He's a deranged *person* that has some funny ideas about Christ and the world in general.

Also, let's not assume that Liberal is synonymous with anti-God. About half of the population is Conservative and half liberal. The US population consists of way more than only 50% Christians. Why else would there be a bunch of very openly devout candidates in office? There's just that many more of us than non-believers, etc.

Anonymous said...

A sloppy, humourless version of Borat? That's almost like saying someone is a godless, heathen version of an atheist.

Otherwise, a nice tongue-in-cheek piece. But it should really have a link to the petition to get his head examined.

Peter Cornswalled said...

Dennis Markuze is clearly and agent of Satan in need of rebuke. He may be possessed or merely evil but there is no doubt in my mind that he is a servant of Satan, probably a knowing one. In a truly Christian nation ruled by God's laws this filth could be jailed for his crimes against God. The best we can do under the current circumstances is to have him jailed for psychiatric evaluation.

The Montreal police are clearly in on his act, or they would have done something about his death threats. They need to be investigated for corruption. Are they turning a blind eye out of political sympathy or were they bribed? Either way they deserve to be fired, possibly jailed for their intentional neglect in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Peter - you're just too funny to be true :D You're the comic relief round here yeah?

Anonymous said...

Peter, for the sake of the rest of us, please stay out of this. Your comments are almost as nutty as Mabus's.

I'm a psych student in Canada, and I know that the law greatly values an individual's freedom in these types of cases. Intervention and institutionalization is a very last resort. I don't always think that's a good idea, but that's the way it is here.

Anonymous said...

I do not respect your fantasy of the Montreal Police being as hyper-vigilant as you are - An American caring about what goes on in a foreign land!)
Like any police department they will have hundreds of incidents per day. Their ignoring of e-mail threats does fit the pattern of ignoring other "personal" disputes like neighbourood squabbles and domestic (non-violent)disputes(though that has gotten much better through-out Canada)
They can do better - and I will not give them a free pass by invoking a cheap conspiracy.

Alexander Cornswalled said...

Americans care about this Canadian monster because:

1. He is making death threats against Americans. If he is a genuine psychopath then is is endangering Americans and the Montreal police are not doing a thing about it.

2. If a fake, as I believe him to be, he's mocking all Christians.

David said...

Of course he is a genuine psychopath. We can judge by his actions, which are psychopathic. Sane people do not behave as Mabus does for any reason.

The question of whether he is a Christian or an atheist psychopath is not interesting or relevant. None of his victims give a crap.

Anonymous said...


what's the harm of atheism?

Alexander Cornswalled said...

If that really is his work, then he hates the Jews as well. The "Ratman" image used in that post is based on Pre-WWII cartoons depicting Jews as sub-human. This suggests David Mabus (Dennis Markuze) is an anti-Semite on top of everything else. I wonder if the Montreal police would take notice if they found out Dennis Markuze apparently hates Jews too.

Anonymous said...

"The only rational reason for the Montreal police to take no action against a man who has been issuing death threats for ten years is if they know he's a fake and are in on it."

Rational (but Stupid/negligent) Reasons to take no action against DM
- No violence has occurred - as yet - lowest priority
- Violence threatened against people outside their jurisdiction - lower priority
- Deemed a personal dispute - lower priority
- Lousy policing - any perusal of Balko, Ed Brayton, or other human rights blogs will show fallibe cops
Cops can be incompetent, they think they have more important priorities, and many times they will not respond until there is violence
These things trump your fantasy of the hyper-vigilant Police

And these "natural" failures, that are seen all the time, counter your sole non-evidence("no action") that it's a liberal conspiracy

As for him "faking" all those threats to make Christians look bad - Christians do not need him to do that
Real Christians make death-threats on secularists, atheists, or any who challenge their dominance or ideas

See the Damon Fowler situation which is typical

Just because Real Christians are making death threats, doesn't mean they are stop being Real Christians. They do it because they are Real Christians and would question your faith if you too are not making death threats.
And your recent note that DM is an Anti-Semite - anti-semitism is what Real Christians did for hundreds of years(and some still do)

I think your idea of a conspiracy lets the cops off the hook. Hold them accountable. We all want this guy stopped.

Thanks for a chance to clarify my ideas on this.

Anonymous said...

Question: What's the difference between you and David Mabus?

Answer: He's forthright about his intentions, you sit behind a grubby desk hoping to incite others to wish (pray) harm upon those more fortunate than yourself.

The man has the courage of his convictions. You have your closeted incestuous homosexual desires keeping you awake at night.

Anonymous said...

you really need to worry about your own mental health, myers

justshowthefuckingcomment said...

Way to arbitrarily disown one of your own ConservativeChristianPsychos (Yes it's all one word, should be in every dictionary as such). Yep, this guy's kept this facade up for 20 years, uh huh.

Anonymous said...

A decades-long liberal ruse? You're almost as nutty as he is. In fact I'll go one step further: give me a shred of evidence (not guesswork) that ANYONE has EVER been a Deep Cover Liberal. Or is that just all hot air as well?

Alexander Cornswalled said...

I do not advocate violence against non-Christians. I condemn it.

I do not advocate the use of death threats. I condemn it.

The all governments have a long history of using agents provocateurs to push groups they see as radical into violence, making it politically easy to crack down on them. PETA and the ALF have long been subjects of such infiltration, as have many right wing groups.

Anyone telling you to take up arms and shoot the opposition is probably just trying to get you arrested and jailed, not help your cause.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already noticed, Dennis has already commented twice above. If you're familiar with his style, you can recognize it right away. He must be exhausted sending messages to hundreds of people on many different sites and blogs every day. You should take a vacation Dennis, it would be good for you!

Matthew Miller said...

I was looking forward to one of DM's massive screeds. Instead of posting the actual drivel he just posted a link to it. How disappointing.

Matthew Miller said...

When was the last time anyone checked on DM's mother to make sure she was still alive? From what I've heard only phone interviews have been conducted so far. He supposedly lives with her.

Just asking questions.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I had to do a little check to make sure this site was legitimate & not like Landover Baptist Church. The original post is one of the most pathetic bits of dodge ball I have ever read.

I wonder if you have similar posts about George Tillers murderer not being a Christian but a deep cover liberal protected by the police. How about Timmy McVey? The Olympic bomber? The nut who shot up the church in Tenn a couple years ago because they were the 'wrong' sort of Christian? The nut in Norway?

Yes, that is the only explanation. All these and the laundry list of people who claim to be real Christians are actually liberals and atheists but the media, the police, the courts - everybody - is covering up just to give clowns like you a bad name.

Maybe its not just DM that should have their head examined.

Anonymous said...

Even if it's an act, he's breaking a score of laws, as well as running a liability risk.
The police's apparent refusal to pay him any attention, while dumbfounding, isn't part of some conspiracy; they are guilty of bad police work, not a conspiracy.
Good hunch, though, good observation and thinking outside the box.

Spector567 said...

@ the Anonymous poster above.

"Good hunch, though, good observation and thinking outside the box."

With respect this is how you create psycho's. Instead of looking at intelligent and logical explanations. Or encouraging cooperative behavior. You are actively encouraging people to make random stuff up and than blame undeserving people for the problem. Thinking outside the box to twist a story is not the behavior of an honest person.

Lets face a simple reality here.
If DM was a Muslim making his rants against Christians he'd be a terrorist.
If he was threatening blacks he'd be a lunatic racist.

However because he's attacking atheists he's apparently a "liberal plant" I'm just pointing out a double standard here.

I also find it disturbing the the OP thinks that it's OK to e-mail and verbally harass DM and his family by posting there personal information online and telling people to do so.

This is a story about threats and harassment and the OP is actively promoting these actions against an individual. I don't care what that person did this behavior is unacceptable and I encourage the OP to come to his senses and take this information down.

Anonymous said...

No true Scotsman.

Anonymous said...

So, by your logic, all of the following are true:

- Andrew Schlafly is a deep cover atheist and evolutionary biologist whose goal is to mock creationism.
- Sarah Palin is a deep cover eco-freak and greenie whose goal is to mock ruthless industry interests.
- Glenn Beck is a deep cover sensitive leftist intellectual whose goal is to mock aggressive, bullying conservatives.

(Note: this reply is not mine. It comes from the site "fundies say the darndest things".)

Anonymous said...

Well, he's now been arrested. So much for that theory. Or is that part of the plot?

Anonymous said...

This is some deep, deep cover.

So, He's actually, an atheist, pretending to be a christian madman?

Or is he?

Maybe thats just what they WANT you to think!
May be he's a clever, scheming christian, who is pretending to be a christian madman, pretending to be an atheist in order to try and make atheists look bad?

Or maybe.... (whisks off mask) HE'S YOU!
Pesky kids, huh?

Peter Cornswalled said...

Of course they eventually arrested him. The media was giving it too much attention. They were shamed into action. Who is the public going to believe, the police, or the crazy internet stalker who claims they were part of it?

He's getting a beating in jail now to make sure he doesn't talk about police complacency. Mark my words. If he's seen in public again it won't be until after he's had time to heal up. The "30 day" mental "evaluation" is a cover. They only need a few days to figure out if he's crazy or not. The 30 days are so his bruises can heal.

Anonymous said...

Well don't you look like a bit of a nutter yourself now?

Alexander Cornswalled said...

I feel vindicated. After a massive media firestorm the police "evaluated" him for 30 days and tossed him into a court ordered "drug treatment" program. That's not even a slap on the wrist. He doesn't have a day job that was risked by the "evaluation." It's a formality so they can say they did something.

The man supposedly sent death threats to the police and the worst they do is order him to drug abuse counseling? This is a city known for cranking up the voltage on their stun guns to make them more likely to trigger cardiac arrest. If he didn't have associates in the police force he'd have been beaten within an inch of his life during his arrest.

z said...

I'll be praying for both the OP, peter and David.

Please get help, all of you.