Friday, July 29, 2011

The Debt Battle is Working

I's no secret that the current battle of the nation's debt cap is about defeating Obama. His illegitimate presidency is an insult to the nation. The work of the brave Tea Party representatives is already bearing fruit.

"Obama loses ground against any Republican opponent, is now essentially tied"

The stunning news is mind-boggling. According to recent polls, any random Republican candidate is tied with Obama in a head-to-head race. This does not mean the 2012 presidency is a guaranteed Republican victory, but we're close. There's still work to do:

1. Get a debt bill past the house so it can be killed in the senate. The senate is Democrat controlled, meaning they won't pass anything that doesn't include massive tax hikes on job creators. If the House passes a debt bill that holds firm to the "no new taxes" pledge then the failure to raise the debt ceiling will be blamed on the Democrats who killed the bill in the Senate, not the Republicans who crafted it in the House.

2. Finish pushing the government into default. The resulting economic damage will drive voters away from the incumbent president. It will also increase religious belief, as times of hardship do, resulting in even more opposition to an overtly Muslim president such as Obama.

3. Unify our efforts behind a single Republican candidate. The existing nomination and primary process already in place will take care of this. Right now Obama is tied with a theoretical Republican. If the mere idea of a Republican is enough to tie with Obama, just imagine what a charismatic, religious, capitalist candidate will achieve!

4. Deny Obama any Political victories. Killing bin Laden has already been revealed to be more an act of lingering Bush initiatives than anything Obama did. That meager political victory was poorly timed on his part and is not going to win him a second term. His presidency needs to be neutered to deny him opportunities for gaining ground in the future. The Republican leadership is already achieving that in spades.

5. Pass legislation to sabotage the Health Care initiative, but don't kill it outright. This seems counter-intuitive, but it goes hand in hand with using a debt battle triggered recession to kill his Presidency. If the health care initiative is killed before it can do any damage, then it's a theoretical. Obama can spin its defeat as an example of Republicans harming the country. If however the health care plan has caused damage then the catastrophe will be blamed on Obama, no matter how much Republican tinkering was involved in exacerbating the situation.

None of these steps are very complicated. Obama is already "singing castrato" as the choir director at my brother's church likes to say. His authority over the Democratic party has been shattered and he never had what it takes to be a unifying voice. He's been mortally wounded by this battle and all we need to do now is keep him from resting and recovering, so his presidency can bleed out.


Peter Cornswalled said...

Obama will be defeated in the next election. If that new, legitimate, President is a man of honor and courage, Obama will be arrested and charged for his fraud on inauguration day.

Anonymous said...

And then he'll be deported back to Kenya where he belongs.