Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let me explain it to you

This is not about taxes, debt or the Federal Budget. It's not even about reducing the size of government.

If the Republicans in the House have their way, the US will default on its loans in a few days, triggering a new recession, possibly even a depression. The result will be an increase in religious belief, resulting in a resurgence in belief in God. There is a direct correlation between hardship and faith in God. This is why God tests us now and then, to remind us that we are dependent upon him for everything we consider "ours."

The Republican lead battle to keep the debt ceiling from being increased is an effort to draw our nation, long drifting away from God, back into Christ's arms.

My prayers are with them.


Matthew Miller said...

Hold on here.

You're saying God wants us to have a depression so we'll turn back to him?

Matthew Miller said...

Do you at least realize that cutting taxes for the rich won't increase tax revenue?

Chroma said...

And here I thought, Cornsy, that you were becoming normal with that nice, humble comment on your last blog post.

Then...this comes. You're insane.

Alexander Cornswalled said...

Yes, God wants us to turn back to him, even if it takes a depression to do it.

Yes, I know cutting taxes for the wealthy won't increase tax revenue. I doubt any politicians actually believe the claim. Independents, who tend to lack conviction and vote emotionally, see it as a "logical" conclusion. Keeping taxes low is vital to trickle-down economics, such as the Reagan policies that ended the Carter recession.

I am just as sane as any Conservative or Tea Bag Party member.

Chroma said...

>I am just as sane as any Conservative or Tea Bag Party member.

Either you're completely off your rocker, or you're a troll who just outed himself.

I mean, not every Conservative is insane, but every teabagger is. Every single one.