Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ed Poor's battle against Creationism

Ed Poor is a Conservapedia editor of dubious reputation. Previous posts in this blog demonstrate his willingness to ban users for life over minor disagreements and Ed Poor's use of Conservapedia as a platform for stroking his ego. His dogmatic and draconian enforcement of his own views is particularly disturbing for Conservapedia readers when we confront the fact that Ed Poor describes himself as an "Old Earth Creationist."

Normally this would not be a real problem, but Ed Poor's documented willingness to permanently ban users over trivial disagreements should give all Young Earth Creationists and Biblical Literalists cause for concern. Even Old Earth Creationist Christians and even Liberal Christians who believe in Darwinism will will take issue with some of Poor's implementation of bias.

Let's examine some of Ed Poor's edits as they relate to Creationism.

The Conservapedia Continental Drift article would be expected to have a few references to Creationism. One of the major pieces of "evidence" Old Earth Creationists and Darwinsts use to support the claim that the Earth is Billions of years old is to extrapolate the current rate of alleged continental drift backwards in time to the point where all the land on Earth is concentrated into a single land mass. The article itself is largely about Creationist Antonio Snider proposing the theory and the resistance Darwinists offered after it was initially proposed. Looking at the history of the article however you see that Ed Poor has removed a good deal of content. while some of it is enthusiastic fawning over Creationism, some of the edits are insidious.

When you edit an article on Conservapedia, you have the ability to enter a short comment about the nature of your edit. Ed Poor's edit "this is not a creation science encylopedia, please stick to the historical facts" reveals a good deal about his bias.

First, there's the comment itself, in which he associated Creationism with ignoring historical facts. His dismissive tone towards Creationism brings his claims of being an Old earth Creationist into doubt.

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