Thursday, February 10, 2011

South African Atheists ban Churches from advertising

Etv ordered to pull 'miracle' ads

The Christ Embassy church in South Africa has been ordered to pull all advertising from the airwaves because the church "cannot prove that its pastors can perform healing miracles".

That's right, a church has been banned from spreading the message of Christ by a atheist-dominated branch of the South African government because miracles don't meet the same, abstract "scientific" standards as the big-pharma funded sham-studies. While the CLAIM is that this is about a lack of evidence, the reality is this is about a very anti-Christ agenda and the church refusing to bribe the necessary government officials.

Christ Embassy's ministry had been focusing on providing hope and aid to AIDS victims in a nation with one of the highest percentage of HIV infected people in the world. Now their life-changing work has been stopped by politicians who mock religion and consider men of God to be fools.

Keep South Africa in your prayers. Their churches are under attack and need our support.


Anonymous said...

Alexander, it's called Truth In Advertising. The church cannot prove it heals anyone.

Once god regrows someone's limb, we'll chat.

Anonymous said...

If there have been actual healings, it shouldn't be difficult to prove - a regrown limb, a regrown eye, a severed spinal cord knitted back together. If your god is so marvelous, why is it so hard to prove he's working?

I'm posting anonymously because of problems I've had in the past with christians harassing me after I commented on a blog or news article. Maybe one day christians will figure out that slashing tires, killing pets, and threatening someone's family is not likely to get anyone to listen to them or take their point of view seriously.

Anonymous said...

wow, False advertising man...
All I wander is if you really do believe this. You need not speak to the world for the world cares not about your truth, the question is, is your truth true in your eyes. And please try research more than one Google page when looking this stuff up.
peace out brother, and have a great life!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you anonymous...these quarks take advantage of vulnerable people and play with their emotions. The sooner people start using their common sense and reason the they should remove them from newspapers and magazines...yours truly faithless.

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