Monday, February 28, 2011

Moonies on Conservapedia

"Moonies" are members of a cult founded by Sun Myung Moon. The official name of the cult is the "Unification Church." The cult is best known among Conservative Christians for the mish-mosh of Eastern Mysticism and Moon's claim to be essentially the second coming of Christ. While the claim is dressed up in some euphemistic terminology one cannot read the actual claims and doctrines of the Unification Church without realizing that is exactly what Moon is asserting. Many Churches have issued specific warnings about the Moonies, and several books listing world cults have discussed them.

Given the blasphemous, anti-Christian nature of Moon's claims one would THINK Moonies would be poorly represented on Conservapedia. Ed Poor however, one of, if not the most powerful editor on conservapedia, is a Moonie, a member of a cult that claims "Rev" Sun Myung Moon is the second coming of Christ.

The Conservapedia entry on the Unification Church has been heavily edited by Ed Poor. Let's take a look at some of his edits to see what kind of bias he's adding.

Many of the edits are routine. For example he added a year reference to a section about cult leader Moon's age. Others edits however let his bias shine through. On February 14, 2011 Ed Poor added the following comment to the "Theological development and doctrine" section of the article:
This section has various problems, e.g., it implies that Rev. Moon's ideas are not a valid revelation from God. I think it goes beyond the scope of articles here to make such a judgment.

Moon claims to have been visited by Christ when he was 16 and told to "complete" the work left undone by Christ after the Crucification. Here, Ed Poor is quite seriously claiming that Conservapedia, an explicitly Conservative Christian resource, should not be questioning the validity of this claim in the "theology" section about the cult.

On November 6, 2010, Poor edited the text:
Charges of mind control and manipulation by the Unification church were often heard in the 70's and 80's.

to read:
Charges of mind control and manipulation by the Unification church were often heard in the 70's and 80's, but dwindled practically to nothing after the American Psychological Association declared that the theory of [[mind control]] had no scientific basis.

Emphasis mine.

Notice the complete lack of sources for that wild speculation. Notice how he dishonestly tries to claim that the accusations of brainwashing were actually accusations of "mind control." The brainwashing practiced by Moonies is well documented in the exhaustively researched book "The Making of a Moonie", published in the mid 1980's. You see no mention of it on the Conservapedia page about the Moonies. Like most other cults, the Moonies have been accused of, and been documented using, brainwashing techniques to manipulate and control its members. Thanks to Ed Poor however this dangerous cult is being whitewashed, with documented accusations of brainwashing being waved away by evoking sci-fi visions of "mind control."

Ed Poor doesn't stop there. On November 6, 2010, Ed softened the information about the suicide of one of Moon's sons:

one of Moon's other sons committed suicide in 1999, by jumping from a 17th story balcony in Reno


one of Moon's other sons apparently committed suicide in 1999, falling from a 17th story balcony in Reno

Ed Poor doesn't just enjoy whitewashing the brainwashing techniques used by the Moonies, he likes whitewashing the term itself.

On August 20, 2010 Ed Poor changed the quite accurate text:
>Its followers are typically referred to as ''Moonies'' by critics, a term the church's adherents, called ''Unificationists'', dislike.
Its followers are typically referred to as ''Unificationists''.

No one outside the "Unification Church" calls the members "Unificationists" unless they are trying to curry favor with the Moonies. People who monitor this cult, as well as much of the literature describing their practices and beliefs, refer to them as "Moonies."

I guess Ed Poor doesn't like the term, just as the text he purged asserted. The term "Moonie" doesn't even appear in the text of the article about the "Unification Church". It's only seen in a few URLS in the "References" section.

There are many more edits to examine. Individually many may seem unimportant, but when taken as an aggregate, it's clear that Ed Poor has been slowly but surely editing the article to reflect an increasingly apologetic tone towards a dangerous cult of which he is one of the members / victims.

Is conservapedia intended to be an actual resource for homeschooling parents, or a front end and propaganda site for the Moonies?


Society of Christians for the Restoration of Old Testament Morality said...

That's another reason why we have nothing to do with Conservapedia. Scripture forbids us to be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14-18).

PsyGremlin said...

Ed Poor adding more Moonie-centric rubbish to CP

Anonymous said...

Of course to some of us, Christians and Moonies are merely like two varieties of the same species.

As strange as the teachings of Rev Moon look to you, that's how strange yours look to non-believers.

But by all means, you shouldn't leave Conservopedia because of it. Get in there and fight their disinformation, lest the innocent be led astray.

Alexander Cornswalled said...

"you shouldn't leave Conservopedia because of it. Get in there and fight their disinformation"

That's not really possible, as the child pornography fan Ed Poor banned me for life because I pointed out the pedophilia overtones of one of the movies he brags about having shown his kids over 1,000 times.