Monday, February 7, 2011

Barney Frank to run again?

Barney Frank v. Sean Bielat II?
GOP rival, experts stunned by re-election bid

Frank is 70 years old. If you read his comments about this race in the article and other places it's clear he's primarily running to be stubborn. He hasn't bothered to raise a war chest and he hasn't bothered to court new donors.

He's only running to try and influence who DOES win by having his say at the debates. This isn't about winning again, but about sticking his nose into an election he doesn't expect to win. We need to make sure the people he WANTS to win don't. He wants a legacy by hand-picking his successor by destroying the other contenders and we can't let him.

Anyone who thinks he's TRYING to win has been mislead by his campaign and fallen right into his trap.

This idiot for example, is expending his time battling a "sacrificial lamb" contender:

Frank does not plan to win, he plans to choose who does. Watch the campaign and you'll see what's REALLY happening.


Anonymous said...

Can't we get this tired of fag to just GO AWAY?

Why hasn't he died of AIDS yet?

Peter Cornswalled said...

I think that's a wise assessment. Frank, having squandered his opportunity to have a family to pursue hedonism and sodomy, is realizing that the end is near, and he has left no real legacy behind him. Instead of a family he has only politics. Nearing the end he's choosing not to pursue repentance and salvation, but to try and achieve some worldly measure of success, to carve out some political legacy that will outlive him.

He knows he's too old and his mind too addled to be effective, and he probably wants to be remembered for his peak, not his inevitable decline. He needs to pick a successor, a younger one he thinks will have staying power. Being a homosexual it's safe to assume that whoever he selects is probably also his sexual partner. He has no real father-son relationships, only molester-victim relationships from grooming younger men and recruiting them into the homosexual lifestyle.

If Frank loses his seat to another Democrat, you can be assured that democrat is his lover. Since the race is in Massachusetts, where even the Republicans tend to be big government, liberal socialists, any Republican who takes his seat should be viewed with extreme suspicion as well.