Monday, January 31, 2011

Saved from the gay agenda

Two Belgian gay men who bought a boy in the Ukraine have been foiled in their efforts to smuggle him out of his native country.

The gay men wanted a child, so they hired a Ukrainian woman to act as a "surrogate." Surrogacy, which is illegal in Belgium, is sadly legal in the Ukraine. A surrogate mother is a woman who is tasked with carrying a child to term and then giving it up to the purchasers after it is born. Legally this constitutes "selling" a child in many countries, yet because of the high-tech language used when in-vitro fertilization is employed it has a quasi-legal status in others.

Despite multiple efforts to smuggle the boy out of the country, the most recent of which was stopped and classified as "adduction" by Ukrainian authorities, the child remains safely in a Ukrainian orphanage. At least he's safe there for now. The gay many who purchased him are starting a petition campaign to get him moved to Belgium.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it illegal to sell babies? Why aren't these guys in jail?