Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Defending the Faith

Liberals are attacking Kentucky's governor Steve Beshears for standing by a pro-Bible organization. I'm sending the following message to the governor. Please, contact him using the information in the link above to offer your words of support for his efforts to support Creationism in Kentucky.

Dear Governor,

I'm sure your office is being inundated with messages critical of your support for the upcoming Answers in Genesis theme park. I just want to make sure you know that true Christians are behind you and your tireless efforts to debunk the liberal lie of Evolution.

The Bible is very clear on how the world came to be and the Humanist controlled school system is lying to our nation's children to attack Christ. Until the liberal lie of "Separation of Church and state" is dissolved, we need to ensure our children hear the truth. While we all look forward to the day when God's Word can once again be read in school without liberals filing lawsuits we need to hold fast for now and fight the good fight as best we can.

Yours in Christ,

Alexander Cornswalled

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