Monday, July 19, 2010

Beryl Kickinger, Eastern Mysticism Witch

Beryl Kickinger, who goes by the online alias primavera bebe, came to my attention when she posted an essay claiming atheists worshiped Satan and used Tarot cards. I read the post and offered my comments on the outright absurdity of her list.

Now, Beryl Kickinger's blog reveals a new level to her beliefs that may very well explain why she's pretending to be a Christan. Beryl Kickinger / primavera bebe is a practitioner of Eastern Mysticism.

That's right, the woman who claims to be a Christian and attempts to criticize Atheists in our voice is herself a slave to Eastern Mysticism and its associated mythology. She even recommends thinly disguised religious rituals to "balance your Chi" such as Qi Gong. Her essay even advocates the use of a plant as an idol for meditation!

Whatever this woman is, she is not a Christian by any definition of the term, be it liberal, conservative, catholic or Protestant.


Anonymous said...

and neither - thankfully - are you.

Jason said...

Now now Alex, it's not nice to pick on the retarded.