Monday, July 19, 2010

Beryl Kickinger, Eastern Mysticism Witch

Beryl Kickinger, who goes by the online alias primavera bebe, came to my attention when she posted an essay claiming atheists worshiped Satan and used Tarot cards. I read the post and offered my comments on the outright absurdity of her list.

Now, Beryl Kickinger's blog reveals a new level to her beliefs that may very well explain why she's pretending to be a Christan. Beryl Kickinger / primavera bebe is a practitioner of Eastern Mysticism.

That's right, the woman who claims to be a Christian and attempts to criticize Atheists in our voice is herself a slave to Eastern Mysticism and its associated mythology. She even recommends thinly disguised religious rituals to "balance your Chi" such as Qi Gong. Her essay even advocates the use of a plant as an idol for meditation!

Whatever this woman is, she is not a Christian by any definition of the term, be it liberal, conservative, catholic or Protestant.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Silliest Things Atheist Say or Do

A woman calling herself primavera bebe online has posted one of the most moronic tirades I've ever read. I think even my harshest critics will agree with me.

The Silliest Things Atheist Say or Do

Now, I'm no fan to atheism. far from it. This woman, if the poster really is a woman, makes some incredibly absurd claims about them. For example she claims atheists:

1. Believe in Satan
2. Believe in Ghosts
3. Believe in Tarot Card Reading
4. Believe in Astrology

And to add icing to the cake, she criticizes vegetarian atheists because she claims vegetarianism started as a religious practice. I encourage you to read her actual post, as I have just stated her main points far more eloquently than she does.

Most atheists come to their lack of belief though skeptical inquiry. They take the scientific method and apply it to things the inventors of the scientific method and it's early proponents, like Newton, never intended. Believing God does not exist leaves no room for a belief in Satan, Ghosts or the occult. Yet, this primavera bebe claims all these are aspects of atheistic belief. The ONLY defense she has offered of her claims is that she knows an atheist who professes these things. One of her critics summarized her foolishness thus:

An atheist who believes in Satan is not an atheist. Believing in a supernatural being in an of itself means one is not an atheist. If this moron you claim to be talking about actually exists, then they are claiming to be an atheist without having any understanding of what the term means. It would be like you claiming to be Christian but citing only the Koran as your holy book. Anyone familiar with Christianity or Islam would call you an idiot.

You, by taking these absurd claims and applying them to all atheists in your post and yotube video, have slandered them and demonstrated that you too do not understand any of the words you’re using.

She doesn't even bother with the pretense of knowing one or two atheists who fit her description in her youtube video where she starts the video with the text "Not all Atheist But Mostly do"

This woman is not actually a Christian. She is a deep cover militant atheist who is trying to make Christians look stupid. She doesn't believe in God, morality or Christ. She is a liar whose clear goal is to drive a wedge between Christians and our efforts to evangelize to Atheists.

As a conservative Christian I believe that it is the spirit and will of Satan that deceives Atheists into believing their is no God but it's clear that they are not aware of this connection. If they were aware of that connection they would be SATANISTS, not Atheists.

Atheists are in need of salvation. It is our duty as Christians to minister to them and try to educate them, NOT paint them with broad strokes and stupid lies the way Satan's whore primavera bebe is doing.