Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harry Potter= EVIL

The sad thing is the people who posted the video listed it as "comedy" instead of realizing that it's giving them very real warnings abut the dangers of witchcraft.


Ryuutakeshi said...

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! I thought you had crossed a line with Pokemon. But Harry Potter?

Dude, seriously? I'm going to watch this video then I want your opinion. Why do you think Harry is evil?

This is a debate we ARE going to have.

Filth said...

Question: What is witchcraft? The use of a few words and materials which 'unlock' abilities, allow for the control of elements and 'elementals'? Think for a moment about that. The fabric of the universe was invented by god, god who is perfect and all knowing, without error. So, when god made the universe he would, if it was his will, not allowed for anything to tamper with his creation.


He left clues, fragments of information which the wise and intuitive could decipher and use to emulate the being that created, not only universe, but the laws that bind its fibers together, to become godlike themselves. So, in effect, those who follow this so called 'black art' are closer to god than you will ever be and you denounce them purely through envy as you cannot see the universe your lord created through their eyes.

That or of course the whole god / witchcraft thing is a pile of horseshit inversely proportionate to your miniscule intellect.

Seriously… you think saying Anáil nathrach orth bhais betha, do cheol déanta while pissing the freshly wrought skull of an infant would give the artisan of such work unlimited power over god and creation? Truely, you are without a doubt, a fucktard of the highest honor.