Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perverts sexually assaulting the corpses of our soldiers

A few years ago I tried to take down perverted podcasts. I had limited success. I was instrumental in getting a pro-pedophilia podcast to cease production, but the extant episodes have remained available. My efforts to get the Distorted View podcast taken off the air were even less successful. While I did get the host, Tim Henson, to discontinue a few particularly perverse segments, the podcast remained on the air despite my best efforts. I'd washed my hands of the matter, contenting myself with writing reviews of podcasts when parents at my brother's church came to us for guidance.

Just a few days ago, an old college associate e-mailed me a clip from a recent Distorted View podcast. I almost didn't listen, but I'm curiosity got the better of me. The clip contained Tim Henson making fun of an audio ad placed through a gay dating web site. In the ad, the homosexual bragged about being a mortuary employee who sexually assaulted the bodies of dead US soldiers, riffled through their possessions and smelling their discarded clothing and rotting bodies. Specifically he stole letters from parents and love letters from girlfriends.

While I applaud Mr Henson for using his fan base to expose this monster, I heard no indication that Mr Henson had contacted the authorities or revealed the identity of the pervert!

A mortuary worker in the USA is abusing the bodies of US soldiers, using their remains for his own sexual gratification. He bragged about doing this to the bodies of the men, but once necrophiliac perversion comes into play the women can't be far behind.

I sent the following message to Mr Henson through his youtube account:

Mr Henson,

A friend recently e-mailed me a clip of your show where you exposed a pervert who was molesting the bodies of American soldiers killed in Iraq and stealing their possessions. I applaud you for exposing this monster and would dearly love you to send the contact information you have for this sicko to the military police. Please, do the right thing and get the authorities after the pervert who is sexually assaulting the remains of our soldiers.

In Christ,

Alexander Cornswalled

I know Mr Henson has deployed US soldiers among his fans. I pray that he will take what he knows to the military police quickly so justice may be served and the state side molestation and abuse of our fallen heroes can be brought to an end.