Tuesday, December 22, 2009

God Abhors a Coward

The Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana was instrumental in getting a pro-morality billboard up in several locations in AIDS ravaged Tanzania. Tanzania is beset with sexually transmitted diseases and the typical liberal response has been to pass out condoms and try to encourage their use. Abstinence and respect for marital vows aren't even on the horizon for them.

The Catholic Church has responded with efforts to educate the population to the failings of condoms as well as the strengths of morality. This billboard is one result of that effort:

The Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana (BPSL) originally posted an open letter about this billboard to their web site. Sadly, that page has since been taken down. The link vanished shortly after a liberal web site posted an article entitled"Catholics proclaim being faithful kills" and linked to the BPSL page about that triumphant billboard.

I do not know for certain WHY the article was deleted by the BPSL. Perhaps they were overrun by attack posts. I've submitted a question to the web site about this deletion but have not yet received a response.
I'm writing about the article titled "Open Letter From Human Life International President, Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer"

I notice that the article has since been deleted. Why was it removed from your web site?
 Fortunately I have a copy of the original content from before any comments were posted in response to the article. I'm posting it here so this small but important triumph won't be lost to the Internet "memory hole."

Open Letter From Human Life International President, Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer

...HLI EMBARKS ON BOLD MISSION - Nuclear Reaction to HLI Ad in Africa!....While we presumed that this message and graphic would be controversial, we didn’t expect the international condom lobby to go utterly ballistic over it!.....
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, President, Human Life International, March 28, 2008
My dear friends,
I want to tell you about a most amazing project that HLI has initiated ... and then I need your immediate help so HLI can spread this truly life-saving program all over Africa!
First, let me tell you about the project. Last week we got the attention of those who promote “King Condom” in Tanzania (East Africa) ... big time! We did so when our HLI affiliate erected three billboards that featured a skeleton on a bright red background as the attention-grabber (image courtesy of American Life League) and used this title – written in Swahili so that the local population could read it – to drive home the truth about condom failure: “Faithful Condom User” [click here to see a picture of the billboard http://www.hli.org/hli_billboard_tanzania.pdf ].
One large billboard was placed near a main road in the capital city of Dar es Salaam while two smaller versions were put up elsewhere in the city.
While we presumed that this message and graphic would be controversial, we didn’t expect the international condom lobby to go utterly ballistic over it!
On Tuesday, the main newspaper in Tanzania, The Citizen, ran a story on our billboards. The article described people at “high-profile” anti-life organizations like United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, Family Health International, Population Services International and others as “up in arms” ... and government officials as “jolted.” It said that the chairperson of the Tanzania Commission for AIDS was “furious” at HLI’s billboards and told of meetings that were held with members of the Prime Minister’s office to discuss an “urgent intervention” to suppress and censor our message!
When the power structure of an entire country is rallied against us, that’s a sure sign that we’re right!
Our billboards are telling the people the TRUTH about condoms ... and the heralds of the culture of death can’t stand it!
Now that you see the impact our billboards are having, I need you to send HLI the largest gift you can so we can spread this program to every one of the 55 nations on the continent of Africa!
The cost to do so is prohibitive ... $6,000 per country (that’s how much we sent Emil Hagamu, our man in Tanzania, to erect the three billboards) ... times 55 countries ... equals $330,000! That money will enable HLI to erect three billboards in each country.
Although I’d dearly love to raise all $330,000 today, I’m not counting on that. So my short-term goal is to raise $24,000 so we can put up billboards in Kenya and Cameroon (the next two countries on our list) ... and get billboards in the works for two more countries. Our affiliates are already working on the logistics.
I’m also frantically working to recruit 25,000 PRAYER WARRIORS who will help get the ball rolling by hitting their knees and praying for the success of this project.
To succeed, I need your help today ... RIGHT NOW in fact! Specifically:
1. Send HLI the largest donation you can out of the generosity of your heart!
2. Pray the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for the protection of our HLI affiliate in Tanzania from any retaliation ... one of the billboards has been vandalized and legal action has been threatened ... including jail time!
Both your money and your prayers are needed NOW ... and both are deeply appreciated!
Spreading HLI’s counter-cultural message of abstinence and fidelity will literally de-fang the AIDS monster, de-throne “King Condom”, and give the people of Africa a fighting chance to take back their society and their pro-life culture from the powerful international anti-life lobby that seeks to impose its failed method of stopping the spread of AIDS.
Just click here https://www.hli.org/sl_appeal.php and follow the instructions to send your contribution.
Please do it NOW ... time is of the essence. And PRAY. I’ll keep you posted on how this fight is going both in Tanzania and other areas of Africa. Thank you for your immediate help! God bless you.
Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The God Equation

The following revelation has been circulating among members of my brothers congregation back home. It's always exciting to see science constantly reaffirming the unique role of the creator in the universe!

Scientists working in the UK have discovered robust evidence that the creation of the earth and moon was a deliberate act. The researchers found that the earth, moon, and beyond were engineered according to a specific equation. They have dubbed it the God Equation. The equation, which looks like this:

shows a constant, unchanging relationship between the speed of light, the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle, and the radio frequency of hydrogen in space. Artificial intelligence engineer David Cumming, CEO of the Edinburgh-based company Intelligent Earth, recently discovered the equation, and said: "I am a scientist and as such I didn't at first really believe it myself. But physics is physics, and maths is maths, and you can't argue with it."

The discovery of the equation began with research by engineer Professor Alexander Thom (1894-1985) of Oxford University, into the properties of megalithic constructions such as Stonehenge. He found that their construction did not follow existing measurement systems, but did fit in to a pattern of specific lengths which he called megalithic yards. Two independent researchers Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, based in York, then showed that the megalithic system of measurement was directly derived from characteristics of the Earth's movements through space.

Linking this system of measurements with known constants such as π (pi, the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle), Hl, the radio frequency of the hydrogen fine transition in space, Ω (0.0123456789 representing all the characters of the base 10 number system), and the speed of light in a vacuum C0 (C0 = 299,792.458km/sec), and building on research by Knight and Butler, and the work of Professor Alexander Thom, former Reading University doctoral researcher Cumming followed a research programme that resulted in his discovery of the God Equation. The God Equation shows a direct link between the speed of light, the radio frequency of hydrogen in space, pi, and earth's orbit, rotation and weight. As the possibility of the Earth having the exact required characteristics to fit the equation by chance is remote, and the equation has, in theory, been in existence since the beginning of the Universe, this means that the Earth's orbit, rotation and weight must have been engineered to fit this equation.

Cumming states: "Although the ratio of a diameter of a circle to its circumference has been known for thousands of years, we have only recently discovered the hydrogen line, the speed of light, and rediscovered the megalithic measurement system. The advance of science, combined with the uncovering of ancient knowledge passed down through the ages, has only now made the discovery of the God Equation possible."

Who discovered the God Equation?

David Cumming is an innovative scientist working in the field of artificial intelligence. A former PhD student of famous Professor Kevin Warwick at Reading University, England, David is also a graduate of Glasgow University, and Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. At Robert Gordon University, he was awarded a rare MSc with Distinction for his work on a NASA space shuttle microgravity experiment that flew as a full canister experiment on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

David was also leader of the Intelligent Earth team that developed the world's first advertising system that changes advertising according to the gender and age of the person watching the advert - a technology that removes unwanted and annoying advertising and makes advertising appropriate to the watchers. The company also developed Doki, 'the World's most gender aware robot, featuring in the Guinness Book of World Records for several years'
He is also the CEO of Safe Cities, who developed a prize-winning intelligent custody photography system in collaboration with ACPO's Facial Images National Database (FIND) Project and several large Police Forces. These systems are now installed around Britain as an important front end of the National Database.

Christopher Knight's background is in research. From 1976 he investigated the origins of the rituals used by Freemasons before publishing his first book on the subject in 1996. 'The Hiram Key' became an immediate international best seller selling over a million copies and is now in 37 different languages. This was followed by several other bestsellers chronicling his investigations that were taking him further and further back in time. In 1997 he teamed up with Alan Butler to continue his researches, which had taken him back to the late Stone Age. Following in the footsteps of engineer Professor Alexander Thom, Knight and Butler have reconstructed a complete system of measurement that was used in the British Isles and western France 5,000 years ago. These systems, still identifiable in existing artefacts, were more sophisticated than modern units of measure, although both the Imperial and metric systems have evolved directly from this Neolithic origin.

Alan Butler's historical studies extend to an in-depth research into the Cistercian monastic movement and the Order of the Knights Templar, about which he has also written extensively. As a professional writer, who has always possessed an absolute fascination for history, Alan set out on a two decade search that led to the unravelling of some of the most important details regarding prehistoric knowledge and achievement in Europe. Alan has also been writing on the subject of astrology since his 20's and is the most published writer on the subject in Britain.