Monday, October 26, 2009

Pot addiction leads to shooting rampage

Obama has put a hold on federal enforcement of anti-pot laws. States are legalizing pot for "medical" use left and right. More and more Americans favor legalizing this dangeorus, mind altering gateway drug.

Here's a quick reminder of what pot usage leads to.  As you read this news story, I want you to think about a very chilling question. What if this stoner had a firearm instead of a paintball gun?

Stoned teen jailed for paintball rampage

A stoned teenager who drove through New Plymouth taking pot shots at cars, people and buildings with a paintball gun, has been jailed.

Michael Jai Smith, 19, of Ratapiko, near Inglewood, went on the one-man rampage in late July after smoking cannabis. Smith fired indiscriminately at cars, houses, road signs and a pedestrian, who suffered bruising.

He was caught by police when he collided with another vehicle.

In New Plymouth District Court on Thursday he pleaded guilty to assault and "a raft" of driving, drugs and firearms charges, the Taranaki Daily News reported.

He was jailed for a year.

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filth said...

Here's a chilling question - what if you had half the fucking brains you propose to have?

Here's another - what if instead of water, babies were baptized in acid?

Oh get this - what if communion wine was menstrual blood?

Everything can be chilling if you pervert it to your own cause. Haven't you heard of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide?

You really ought to try some "drugs" some day, other than the fact that it will actually qualify you to talk about them, you'll come to realize exactly where any notion of 'god' was derived. You want enlightenment? You want some honest truths? Well I'll give you the fucking source, I'll show you the you you don't want to believe exists, I'll show you the you that's an obvious, blatant and very poor liar. Then when you're done pissing yourself and can stand on your own two feet like a real man I'll be generous and let you thank me for the privilege 'cause that's just the nice kinda guy I am.